About Fusion Cyber Group

Fusion Cyber Group is the leading global Managed Cybersecurity and Emergency Breach Response services provider, headquartered in Montreal Canada, with offices and resources across North America. Established in 1985, and having gone through multiple evolutions and expansions, we now protect Enterprise and SMB customers across the globe and provide emergency breach response services in over 10 languages, in every major market in the world. Our mission is to provide the safest cyber-environment achievable to each and every client while maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Being your organization’s trusted managed cybersecurity services and consulting partner is our ultimate goal. Count on Fusion Cyber Group backed by our SOC2 Type II and ISO-27001 Certified 24/7 Security Operation Center to keep your organization safe from the ever evolving cyber threats, so you can stay focused on what matters most, your business. Should you suffer a breach before having engaged us to protect your organization, we will get your business back up and running, and fully protected, in the shortest time possible; guaranteed.

A Brief History


Fusion Cyber Group was founded in 1985 as MAR Computer Systems Inc. From its very beginning, the Fusion Cyber Group team has maintained a healthy obsession with self-improvement, process improvement and service delivery improvements. A team that has amassed a wealth of industry expertise and an internal IT culture built on 35 years of daily, incremental improvements, decades of continuous evolution to fine-tune how Fusion Cyber Group can better serve its clients. It is our promise to continuously strive and build our offerings, specializations, experience, and processes to better serve our clients. What we do today, must be better than what we did yesterday; and what we do tomorrow, must be better than what we are doing today. This is our obsession, this is our promise!

To date, the company still has customers going back to 1985 and has evolved from Break/Fix reactive support to being proactive, offering highly specialized managed cyber security and IT services.

Enterprise IT for small and mid-sized businesses & IT Cyber Security First

We believe that every business, no matter the size, should have access to the same levels of IT security, protection, continuity, and reliability that fortune 500 enterprises enjoy with their multi-million-dollar IT and security budgets.

We fuse the absolute best of breed software, hardware, expertise and technology solutions and bundle them to offer small and mid-sized businesses the very same level of enterprise solutions for a fraction of the cost. By bundling the solutions and spreading the costs across our entire customer base, you no longer need to have a fortune 500 IT & Cyber Security budget to afford the best protection, reliability, and solutions available.

If you’re looking for the very best Cyber Security and IT Solutions for your business and would prefer not to pay enterprise pricing for them, give us a call today. This is the very reason we exist. This is our mission.

Bringing enterprise grade Cyber Security and Managed IT Services to the SMB market for SMB budgets.


Fusion Cyber Group Core Values

Uncompromising Commitment and Integrity

We care about our customers’ businesses and their success, and we clearly understand our role in helping our clients achieve their goals and greatest potential by leveraging the absolute best technologies and solutions available.
We always do and recommend what is best for the customer, regardless of what that means for us personally or as an organization.

We will do “Whatever It Takes” for the greater good and for what is in the best interests of our customers. We will never prioritize what is best for ourselves, or our bottom line over the best interests of the client; This is our company heritage.

Obsession with Self-Improvement

We are self-improvement fanatics. We strive to continually improve our offerings, solutions, technologies, processes, structure, and services daily, and in real-time.

The work we do today must be better than the work we did yesterday; and the work we will do tomorrow must be better than the work we are doing today. A motto we live by.

Fairness and Equality

Let’s face it, SMB’s are the lifeblood of our economy, and are changing the world like no other business segment out there. This is why we take great pride in partnering with and supporting SMB’s across North America. We believe in fairness and equality for all organizations and entities.

All businesses must have affordable access to the security/protections, solutions, and technologies that large enterprises benefit from. We exist to help level the playing field for small and midsize businesses by bringing them Enterprise Grade security/protection, solutions, and technologies for SMB budgets.


Daniel Di Pisa and Fusion Cyber Group are professional and very knowledgeable IT providers.
Fusion Cyber Group offers high quality solutions and service with strengths in Security and infrastructure. I used the services of Fusion Cyber Group at Roche for a major Novell to AD migration back in 2002 and they were able to deliver on time, on budget, and with minimal disruption to the user community. This organization comes highly recommended.
Daniel was a model employee when we worked together, and now after having started his own company, I have the privilege of working with him in joint ventures.
I would like to thank you and recognize the excellent job you have done in transferring the servers to the new data center.
Everything was planned perfectly. There was no issue to report  The users did not see or experience any problems this morning when they came in. Servers were back on line sooner than expected and you were always available to answer my questions on the weekend. 
Congratulations on a job well done!
Jacky Chatelais
VP Operations, Marilone Inc.

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