Migrating to the Cloud? Want to know what infrastructure will best suits your business’s needs?

Fusion Cyber Group provides Montreal businesses with cloud-based solutions that help streamline their IT infrastructure and enable growth to their full potential. Fusion Cyber Group will take the hassle out of setting up and migrating to the cloud and lets you focus on your core competencies. We will help you improve the efficiency of your business operations, reduce costs, and provide full technical support and customization. Leverage our expertise to help your business replace traditional hardware and software with a fast, smooth and secure transition to a high-performance platform that suits your individual needs.



Security First Cloud Solutions

Cloud Backups
& Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity

Office 365


Amazon Web Services

All Clouds

Public, private, hybrid, dedicated – have advantages and benefits. Leverage our decades of combined cloud computing experience to help find the right solution for your business.

Public Cloud

The Fusion Cyber Group Public Cloud represents the lowest cost cloud offerings like Office 365/Exchange Online and other SaaS (software as a service) offerings.  We will manage, maintain and secure your valuable information on our secure infrastructure.

Private Cloud

A cloud computing solution solely for your business.  Fusion Cyber Group can design your own private cloud to your exact needs and is ideal for businesses that have predictable workloads, require customization requirements, are in regulated industries, or already have a data center.


Fusion Cyber Group Hybrid cloud provides businesses the ability to combine public clouds, private clouds, and on-premises resources to meet the flexibility and agility required to compete sensitive and critical workloads.

Dedicated Cloud and Colocation

Interested in a single-tenant IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud? Fusion Cyber Group can help your business increase your businesses flexibility and performance while reducing your downtime and costs.

What You Should Expect
from a Cloud Solutions Provider

With Fusion Cyber Group, utilizing all your online assets from anywhere has never been easier. Leverage our expertise and provide your business with the right software, applications, security, operating systems, data, and personal settings solutions to meet your organizational needs.

Whether it is upgrading, expanding or supporting your computer network, historically we’ve been able to provide our clients considerable savings

The ability for you and your employees to work safely and securely from home, or on the road as if you were sitting at your desk.

Or reduce it to under 1 minute per month.

All at a great value fully managed by our IT experts.

Safe, simple and affordable solutions allow you to focus on your business instead of fixing IT


Dan is one of the most reliable people I know. His customer service ethic and business ethic are un-surpassed.
We hired Daniel and his team to install a firewall and untangle the mess we had made of our development network. We we're very pleased with the service and results. I have had several dealings over the years and have always been pleased with Fusion Cyber Group.
Having known and worked with Dan for over 10 years, I have never found anyone else in the service industry in that time that has equaled Dan in terms of professionalism, dependability and integrity. As CIO/CSO of Oceanwide Inc, I contracted security auditing services from Dan and Fusion Cyber Group and am very pleased with the level of service and the results. I would recommend Dan to anyone, and Dan would be a valuable asset to any organization.
Dan and the team at Fusion Cyber Group helped us to develop a full IT solution for our start-up investment management firm. They were easier to contact and work with than larger outsource firms and still offered the same suite of services at good prices. We've been very happy working with Dan.

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